“They’re killing all the pimps, prostitutes and pushers.

Someone is trying to put the courts out of business!”--District Attorney


"You haven't said anything wrong yet."--Dirty Harry



Judging Crater: Whither Bloch? is a two part documentary explaining N.Y.'s greatest urban legend: the unsolved vanishing of  N.Y. State Supreme Court Judge Joseph F. Crater, last seen August 6, 1930. Did my grandfather’s, Maurice Bloch’s, death (l to r H. Lehman, F.D.R., Bloch) have precipitated Crater’s vanishing? Bloch died suddenly while awaiting a judgeship.  Four months after Bloch’s death, F.D.R. made Crater a judge. Crater vanished four months later. F.D.R. explained how he came to appoint Crater, and linked him to Bloch. Yet, historians have never considered F.D.R.'s statement in connection with the vanishing.  Gary Shapiro, The N.Y. Sun’s Knickerbocker, called Part l: “Part History Channel, Part Orwell, Part Goddard.”

12.14.30 F.D.R.Calendar_edited
1928 Biltmore Hotel ElectionNight
Bloch Holding Tigers
Maurice Bloch and family
Wagner 1926 Movie List
Picture. 1 Judge Wagner Film
Bloch and Wagner
Robert Wagner Golfing w/ Al Smith
Thomas Crain DA-Elect
Bertini Portrait
Thomas "Tin Box" Farley
James A. Farley
Picture. 4 State Committee Movie Survey
12.5.29 F.D.R.CalendarDec4and5
12.8.29 F.D.R. Calendar
12.5.29 BlochFndDeal
12.5.29 Found Him Deal
Bloch Dies Suddenly
12.12.29 F.D.R.Calendar
12.15.30 F.D.R.Calendar_edited
1.22.30 F.D.R.Calendar E.M
12.28.30 F.D.R.WagnerO'ConnorMovies_edited
Picture. 7 Wagner FDR FoxMovietone
F.D.R. Year End 1929
Crater Appointed NY World
Crater Appointed
Crater's Induction
Bertini accused of buying seat
Bertini Bloch Backed Bertini
Bertini Defies Attorney General
Crater Wanted
Judge Crater: Call Your Office!




The Roosevelt's: An Even More Intimate History




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